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Berkat Safety – Balikpapan Industrial Expo

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Balikpapan, November 1, 2023 – Berkat Safety, a leading provider of industrial safety solutions, made significant strides at the Balikpapan Industrial Expo held today. Showcasing their latest innovations in industrial safety technology, Berkat Safety garnered significant attention from the multitude of attendees present at the event.

Emphasizing the importance of effective industrial safety practices, Berkat Safety displayed a range of their newest products designed to meet the latest industrial safety standards. Company representatives also conducted seminars highlighting the importance of adopting advanced and sustainable safety practices within the workplace.

The Balikpapan Industrial Expo, spanning from November 1 to November 3, was attended by various prominent companies in the industrial sector, government officials, and leading industry experts. Berkat Safety’s presence at the event is expected to spur further discussions on more effective and innovative industrial safety practices across Indonesia.

Berkat Safety, continually committed to providing effective and advanced industrial safety solutions, is recognized for its significant contribution to advancing safety practices in the Indonesian industry. With their active participation in this event, it is anticipated that there will be greater opportunities to adopt improved safety practices and protect industrial workers