About Us

Berkat Safety is a leading safety equipment supplier in Indonesia focusing on providing high-performance and innovative PPE products & services.

For over 50 years, we have been providing safety solutions to a multitude of industries spanning from oil and gas, mining, construction, firefighter, automotive, utilities, electric, chemical, machinery and equipment, military, and other general & heavy-duty industries & services.

Berkat Safety provides a comprehensive range of safety & PPE products. From heavy-duty & welding helmets, ultra-lightweight polycarbonate safety glasses, respiratory protection, Kevlar & chemical gloves, heavy-duty & protective workwear, aramid firefighter suit, safety vest, rescue winch, emergency shower, to eyewash fountain, and other safety & PPE accessories.

We help industries to protect their people from the risk they are exposed to, give confidence and peace of mind that they are well protected while performing their works.

Creativity & innovation have been the consistent hallmarks of our company. We unceasingly take product development to new levels in order to provide exceptional protection for those who risk their lives every day.

Products are specially designed from the inside out, not only to ensure the safety of the user but also comfortable to wear, user-friendly, yet appealing to style-conscious people.

Berkat Safety is partnering with safety solution industry leaders from all over the world to ensure that our customers only receive the best quality products available in the market.

As a customer-focused organization, Berkat Safety embraces the digital era. We invest heavily in ERP systems to ensure that all products are processed and delivered to our customers on time.

At Berkat Safety, we do whatever it takes to live by our commitment to delivering top-notch safety products and services for our clients.

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